What is a Sharpie INKtern?!

Recently, I started a new job at Sanford as a Sharpie Inktern!


What is an Inktern you ask? More or less, an Inktern is basically an Intern but to be honest, we are much cooler than your everyday intern (and believe me, read my About Me section, and you’ll see that I have the internship thing down to a T).  We work on some pretty awesome projects, get the inside on all the up and coming events and products, work with an AMAZING team of people, and not to mention get hooked up with a whole lot of cool product!

This summer I’ll be working on getting the word out about the new, interesting, and exciting ways consumers, like you, are using Sharpies!  I’ll be talking with different artists about how they have best incorporated Sharpies into their work, researching ways people show off their style and personalities by designing their own clothes, accessories, music, school supplies… you name it- all with Sharpies!

In addition to writing about how they are used, I’ll fill you in on new products, contests and events that Sharpie will sponsor and attend!   Plus, if you have a piece of Sharpie art that you find interesting, have created something  that is absolutely amazing,  or just want to express your love for Sharpies- I want to know about it!!

This INKTERNSHIP should be a great opportunity to learn and grow (hopefully get my career rolling too)!!


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