Show off YOUR creativity at Sharpie Uncapped

A few weeks ago, a new website,  Sharpie Uncapped, was launched, which praises Sharpie users for their creative minds.

Ya ya, I’m sure you’re thinking, “This girl works for Sharpie why wouldn’t she claim to love this site?!”  Well before you throw me under the bus, you should know that even before I worked at Sanford, I loved this site, it’s actually really cool, especially in comparison to what other sites of the same genre have to offer.

3564645672_ae5ee11648What I like about Sharpie Uncapped is that it appeals to all different people.  Sharpie has always aimed a large part of their campaign towards moms, bc. yes, that is a main demographic, but THIS site appeals to…well, just about everyone! You name it: you, me, Snoop, “Speidi,” Tony Hawk, the ice cream man, Conan O’Brien (oh how I love Conan),…- Heck, even those guys from MilliVanilli!  Seriously, everyone can find something they like at SharpieUncapped.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.  On site, you can browse through a gallery of artwork by professional and amateur artists.  Watch videos offering step-by-step instructions on creating one of a kind pieces including, T-shirts and shoes!  Or chat with other users about all the reasons you love Sharpies or even what you don’t like; get ideas for a summer art project; share tips on how to best remove an ink mark from your kitchen tile – the topics are endless, you decide!

Another cool feature of the site is called Web Ink.  I’ve heard a lot of people say they wanted something like this from Sharpie and YES, finally you have it!  Web Ink enables you to pick from an assortment of Sharpie products and draw a picture, write your name, whatever- as many times as you want.  And if you like your drawing so much that you want to download and print it, set it as your computer’s background, or email it to a friend, then you go right ahead and do that!

2971610831_c31b7944edWith Sharpie in common, visitors of the site are extremely supportive, receptive and complimentary of one another.  The site has reminded me that people actually enjoy praising each other for our strengths and accomplishments – it’s not a competition here!  SharpieUncapped is great because it’s all about sharing, being creative and showing your distinct style and personality.  I love that!!

I strongly urge you to check it out.  Have fun and see what people are doing with their Sharpies!


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