Sharpie Your Skin!

You may be thinking something along the lines of: “Sharpie my WHAT?” “That doesn’t come off for days, you idiot!” Or “An intern can’t promote writing on yourself with a Sharpie!” Before you throw me off the deep end…I’m not talking about your epidermis!  No, no, no.  I’m referring to the protective covers that we use for our cell phones, laptops, iPods, MP3 players, etc..

(*Note: Have Sharpie on your skin?  With a little bit of nail polish remover & a cotton ball and you’ll be able to get most, if not all the ink off your skin pretty easily.   I’m speaking from experience here, my friend Ryan enjoys drawing, what we have dubbed, “Frat Tats” on his friends’ bi-ceps) 🙂

iphone_in_water_glassEveryone who knows me, agree in saying that I have a bad history with phones.  At least, when I was in college… geez I think I went through like 4 phones during the 2008 NCAA Finals (F.Y.I. Kansas won)!   You see, I drop my phone a lot…I don’t know what it is but it just falls, or I’ll accidently knock it off a table, I was even running the other day (iPod dead) when my phone just went flying off the treadmill!! Thinking I would be this new “non-flailing” person after graduation,  I used the last of my college $$ to buy an iPhone.  Well, guess what, being handed a degree didn’t magically change me!- Nope, I’m still me…  BUT the day I got my phone, I also bought a cover for it – BEST INVESTMENT EVER! After owning that one for 6 months, however, I think that it’s time to get a new skin.

Problem: I want something original, not just your average black cover; and while they are out there, they are also expensive.  With a salary of $0.00, I can’t necessarily afford a $40.00+ skin.


Solution: I found a cover on sale for $7.00, took a couple Sharpie Paint Markers, and made my own design.  I absolutely love it, it was easy to make AND it’s completely mine! I’ve given it a few touch-ups here and there (but that is partially due to the fact that Sharpies  don’t stop me from my “lanky-ness”). You could do this to almost anything and with different kinds of Sharpies- I just happened to do it to my phone cover. (*The pictures below aren’t my drawings but seemed to be good examples of easy, stylish skins that anyone could draw)

Here are a few ideas to start off with:


1. Can’t think of your own design?  Find one on the internet and copy it

2. Find a stencil you like and trace the pattern/image on.

3. Get a ruler and go wild with stripes. Draw a checkered or a plaid pattern.

str-mul-ipho64684. Use standard shapes, squares, triangles…Go crazy with dots and circles (always easy)!

5. Nervous to mess up? Plan it out on a piece of paper.  Don’t draw on the skin until you get it how you want it.


I am no artist but if you can draw a Hand-Turkey, you can do this!HandTurkey

Try it out, send pictures of what you come up with, let me know how it goes!   Have fun, be creative and UNCAP WHAT’S INSIDE!


4 responses to “Sharpie Your Skin!

  1. Very cool post! Do you have any pictures of what you’ve done with your phone skin?

  2. Whitney, your tip on removing Sharpie from epidermis came just in time, as your brother decided to draw on me in Sharpie permanent marker! Thanks for saving the day!

  3. nice blog
    happy to you

  4. Rachel Bowlin

    I love the I-Phone skin idea with a Sharpie!! You are so creative. If only I had an i-phone now!

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