UPDATE* Designer for a Day!


Remember how my post about  Zulu Creative’s 3rd Birthday Celebration & TOMS “Style Your Sole,” event??

Here is a refresher just in case:  On Sunday, July 26th Zulu Creative and TOMS shoes paired, yet again, to celebrate Zulu’s 3rd birthday  with TOMS “Style Your Sole” party.  300 guests attended this rockin’ party in Houston, which provided children in need with new TOMS shoes!  Not only did attendees get a sneak peek of TOMS 2009 Fall Collection, they also got to be designers for the day!  Fully stocked with Sharpie markers and paint supplies, the party-goers got to work and created super cool designs right on their TOMS.

“Positive vibes surrounded all of us at the party and I’m so proud of how the Houston community came together to support TOMS and their important mission to help children in need”

– Tina Zulu, Zulu Creative’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer.


DJ Chicken George kept positivity in the air with an outstanding selection of soulful and uplifting tunes. While DJ Chicken Geoerge kept the beats flowing,  Aerosol Warfare Gallery’s GONZO247, a Houston, TX urban street artists created custom designs for fans. 

 Here are a few of my favorite pics from the event…

zulu desgining w sharpies

zulu mom and baby

zulu shoes

zulu event

zulu designing 2

zulu baby shoe

zulu post ad

this one makes me happy

For more information on the who, what, where and all the in between, check out Zulu Creative on Facebook and click on this link to read the July ’09 ZC newsletter!  For now here are some of my favorite pictures from the event… enjoy!


One response to “UPDATE* Designer for a Day!

  1. This looks like so much fun! I love how they made the rainbow pair look embroidered. I want to decorate a pair…

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