About Me!

whitneykHey there bloggers!  My name is Whitney and  I recently took on a new position at Sanford Brands as a Social Media Intern.  I graduated from The University of Kansas in December 2008 earning my degree in History and Communication Studies and now I’m in “the real world” – no, not the MTV show – you know, that place where you apparently can get eaten alive if you’re not careful!

So,  I’ve done this intern thing a few times …Call me a “pro intern” actually, an “Inktern” as Sanford has named us.  Let me start over.. I’m a pro-INKTERN and like I said, I’ve done this a few times.  There is a whole lot that goes into being an intern.  More than just making copies, researching the ends of the earth, and making Excel docs.  No, it is actually a lot of hard work, pressure, even uncertainty. You don’t necessarily have a real job, but you’re a valued part of the team.   Interning is kind of like a game: you win some, you lose some – BUT you should always be playing to win. Though obstacles stand in your way, you keep playing and with time you understand the rules, you know your teammates and understand how they work, you work so hard it hurts sometimes but you know it’s all worth it in the end.

This Inkternship has given me the chance to  start my own BLOG ! I’ve been thinking for a while about doing this on my own  and now I have the perfect opportunity  right in front of me, with Sharpie– so here it is!

The focus: The OH SO wonderful world of Sharpie!  With  such an eclectic taste and style, I want to apply what I learn from this INKTERNship + everything Sharpie-related + everything I’m interested in (music, art, sports, actually too many to name….) and build connections bw things that I never thought were remotely related!  It’s time to UNCAP WHAT’S INSIDE of you, me, your mom, your 2nd grade Science teacher,  your boss, your best friend, your favorite band – I could keep going, but you get it!logo-sharpie-home

Kick back, relax and get creative!


4 responses to “About Me!

  1. Im bored and loved hte profile about yourself. Nice work!

  2. Oh Whit I love you!

  3. Maureen McInerney

    Proud of you Whitty – this site is awesome, just like it’s creator!

  4. Hey Whit-

    I really like your site. Keep up the good work. Hope to you at in full force in Lawrence for Homecoming.


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