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Right now, I’m in the process of interviewing a few artists about how they work with Sharpies! THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is where I will feature these master minds and their art work for all to see!  After looking around reading A LOT and talking with different artists, I’m finding all sorts of cool ways Sharpies are being used to create AMAZINGLY AWESOME works of art!  Recently, I joined  a forum on and posted a question in the Posters category, titled “Sharpie”.  Here is what I asked:

Hey artists! I’m an intern at Sanford Brands – makers of products including Prismacolor, EXPO and Sharpie.

Does anyone here use Sharpies in their work?
I’d like to bring something new to the table and write about a few artists and submit their work onto the Sharpie website:
Sharpie® Uncapped
Let me know! Thanks for the help

WOW! I could not believe that in less than 4 hours of my post,  I had  received almost 100 responses from artists talking about how much the loved Sharpies!  They were sharing their art, posting pictures, sending links, discussing fellow artists’ work, how & why they use Sharpies, I was amazed!

*****Here is a little bit of what I have seen so far…

Cxasey Burns - Sonic Youth

From Casey Burns, an illustration and design artist.  He has worked on several things including t-shirt design, poster art, B.U.D.s from JAMUNGO, and is published in several books including, Gig PostersVolume 1: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century, by Clay Hayes This AMAZING book is an organized collection of rock show art!  You can check out a full collection of Burns’ work on or check out his blog to see what he’s working on now!




 Rob Schwager, originally from Chicago, now residing in Tampa, FL works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.  Schwager seems to do it all – poster design, album covers, apparel, digital colorist and painter in the comic book industry(just to name a few).  With Sharpie Water-Based Paint pens, Rob custom painted this B.U.D. for last year’s Hero Design’s Show.You can find his work all over, including his website and on his Flickr photstream.  Seriously though, check out these colors used in his piece for New Year’s Nuisance show at the Gasoline Gallery: “Don’t Feed the Animals’.


The illustrator and designer behind SpikePress, John Solimine, is a well-renowned artist, living and working in Chicago.  Solimine  has done work with several clients including, Nike, the Chicago Tribune and American Express.  He is a part of a talented group at the Illustration Corporation and has recently created this poster for The Chicago Blues Festival 2009.   Take a look at the entire Spike Press archive at

stone age

JeralTidwell, “never more than arms reach from a pile of Sharpies” has been working exclusively with Sharpies as a professional artist for 21 years!   After making rock show posters for bands like Kid Rock,  Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, and Alkaline Trio, Tidwell started beghan doing Skateboard deck art and work for Reliance Skateboard Co.  Currently, he is working on a wide array of new art in the form of decks, posters, stickers, t-shirts, hot rod paint jobs and even children’s books.  Keep your eye open for Jeral Tidwell’s work because this guy is amazing!  Check out more of Jeral’s work at!


Meet Rob Schwager! 

Currently, a freelance illustrator & graphic designer in Florida, Schwager has built a well-respected name for himself within the industry producing amazing artwork.  Born and raised in Chicago, Schwager is now living his dream, working as an artist.  Through hard work, “determination and a desire to do the best job possible, under any circumstances,” he is a growing success and continues to create art that people can’t get enough of! One of the coolest artists I’ve talked with so far, Rob not only is super creative, he has a great personality and an awesome sense of humor!  Rob Schwager is one artist that you will be sure to love and will definitely want a piece (or 5) of his work! 





blue meanies

guitar wolf

Want to see more? Visit


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  2. have been experimenting with sharpie art..

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